Support A Literature Evangelist

About Support A Literature Evangelist

Share hope through literature by supporting a literature evangelist.

The literature evangelism ministry is about building relationships, creating friendships and sharing hope as you visit people and offer a wide range of inspiring literature. 

On average, 3-4 people per day are interested in more than just the books—presenting an opportunity for LEs to answer questions or refer them to a local church. The power of literature opens a new page for countless souls and begins a new chapter of their lives for God's kingdom. 

Donate now to help share the Gospel with a troubled world unprepared to meet their soon coming Saviour.

$12: Provides 200 tracts to an LE

$60: Delivers 10 books to an LE

$200: Sponsors an LE Student Starter Kit

$400: Sponsors an LE Starter Kit

$1000: Team Outreach Sponsorship

Your gift of any amount helps share hope through literature.